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Season 1

Episode Guide

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Baby Tooth/Slobber Slug

S1 E2

Mar 30, 2021

When Baby Shark loses his tooth for real, he and William team up with an unexpected ally to track it down. A game of Barnacle Ball turns into a rescue mission after Hank's pet rock, Rocky, is hit into the Lair of the Slobber Slug.

Super-Shark/William vs. Wild

S1 E3

Apr 16, 2021

Inspired by their favorite TV show She-Shark, Baby Shark and William set out to be superheroes. After making up a lie to sound brave, William is forced to face his fears and travel into the super scary Kelp Woods.

Legendary Loot/Yup Day

S1 E4

Jun 18, 2021

After finding a map to the Legendary Loot, the Shark family splits up to hunt the treasure down. Baby convinces Daddy to say "yup" to everything for a day. What's the worst that could happen?

When You Wish Upon A Fish/Shark-Off

S1 E5

Jul 2, 2021

Baby and friends set out to climb Wish Mountain and make a wish on the legendary shooting starfish, Ol' Sea Breeze. Shadow challenges Baby Shark to a Shark-Off to prove who's the sharkiest shark.

The Show Must Flow On/Detective Baby Shark

S1 E6

Jul 16, 2021

When Goldie's feeling down, Baby and friends decide to put on a musical to help her shine. When Grandma's shortcake goes missing before the bake-off, it's a case for Detective Baby Shark and William Watson!

Baby Mayor/Sink or Swim

S1 E7

Jul 23, 2021

The fate of the city's squidapple supply lies in Baby's fins when he accidentally assumes the role of Mayor on a big day. The Sharks go on the family game show Sink or Swim and find they're in hot water with their competition, the Fishes.

Captain Kelp/Teensy the Tardigrade

S1 E8

Aug 6, 2021

As Super Shark and Captain Kelp, Baby Shark and William set out to save playtime-but is Captain Kelp just a sidekick? Baby Shark adopts a teensy tiny pet, but is he ready for a big responsibility?

Shadowland/Medieval Tides

S1 E9

Sep 10, 2021

Jealous of Baby Shark's popularity, Shadow rebrands the Wreck as his own personal amusem*nt park. When Baby Shark and friends are playing knights and royals, Vola wants to be more than just a princess.


S1 E10

Oct 8, 2021

After a selfish fish takes over the putt-putt, Baby Shark and William must find a champion mini-golf player to defeat him. Hank struggles to overcome his fears without the help of his pet rock, Rocky.

Baby Shark's Haunted Halloween/Wavey Jones' Locker

S1 E11

Oct 20, 2021

Baby Shark must overcome his one big fear when he meets a real life ghostfish! Baby Shark and William must travel to the deep dark depths to retrieve Baby's lost microphone.

Rainy Day Roundup/Deep Goo Sea

S1 E12

Nov 12, 2021

When an underwater storm rains on Baby Shark and William's fun, they doubt whether they can have an adventure indoors. William and Vola enter a Young Scientist Contest and their competitive spirit gets them into a sticky situation.

Snowball Bonanza/The Present

S1 E13

Dec 9, 2021

Chucks tries to help Baby Shark and friends win the annual Snowball Bonanza against Carnivore Cove's neighboring town. Baby Shark goes undercover to figure out the perfect gift for Mommy Shark.

Shark Strength/Good Trouble

S1 E14

Jan 20, 2022

When a game of coral pins bowling gets out of fin, Baby must learn to control his shark strength. When Bentley Barracuda threatens to evict Briny from the town square, Baby must try to make his voice heard.

Coach Grandma/Busy Baby

S1 E15

Feb 7, 2022

Baby Shark's Barnacle Ball team hires an expert coach with unusual methods. Baby Shark bites off more than he can chew before his big dance party with Grandma Shark.

Best Fin-Ship Day/The Great Skate Case

S1 E16

Feb 14, 2022

Baby Shark tries to give William the best Best Fin-ship Day ever. When Vola's skatefish board goes missing before a big event, Detective Baby Shark and William Watson are on the case.

Shark Prank/Lagoon Lemonade

S1 E17

Apr 1, 2022

Baby and William have to think outside the box in order to prank the ultimate prank master... Grandma Shark. When a heatwave strikes, Baby and William supply the town with Grandpa's world famous Lemonade.

The Seaweed Sway/Flow Bros

S1 E18

Apr 15, 2022

Baby Shark and William meet the fin-credible rap icon Sharki B who created the dance craze, "The Seaweed Sway." When Chucks leads a precious bubble across the ocean, the typically carefree seahorse learns the importance of watching where you flow.

A Shark Day's Night/Bad Hank

S1 E19

Apr 22, 2022

The Tentacools get caught up in the trappings of being rock starfishes and forget that they formed the band to have fun. When Hank discovers his friends are going easy on him during dodge bubble, he sets out to become a tough fishy just like Shadow.

Operation Happy Mommies/Buds at First Bite

S1 E20

May 6, 2022

As the kids get ready to celebrate Mother's Day, William starts to worry about why his family looks different than everyfishy else's. Baby enlists Goldie's help to show Penny Piranha how to stop biting.

A Tail Of Two Fathers/Welcome Wagon

S1 E21

Jun 17, 2022

It's a battle of the dads when Grandpa and Daddy can't agree on the best way to camp. When Baby's new neighbor doesn't like him, Baby pulls out all the stops to change his mind.

William Manta: News Fish/Sleeping Like a Baby

S1 E22

Jul 22, 2022

While visiting Rayna at work, William learns what it takes to become a top-notch TV reporter. Baby sleeps in his parents' bed and loves it so much, that he tries to make it a permanent arrangement.

The Lost Jelly/The Coral Dilemma

S1 E23

Jul 29, 2022

When an out-of-this-world visitor blows into Carnivore Cove, Baby Shark and his friends test their stellar communication skills. When Vigo steals the color from the coral in Carnivore Cove, it's up to Super Shark and Captain Kelp to bring it back!

The Masked Fishy/The Best Friends Game

S1 E24

Sep 27, 2022

When a masked fish causes trouble, Detective Baby Shark and William Watson must catch the culprit. Guest: Tay Zonday as The Masked Fishy. Vigo and Costello try to win an evil prize. Super Shark and Captain Kelp must stop them. Guest: Yvette Nicole Brown.

A Mail Whale Tale/Swimming With The Sharks

S1 E25

Sep 29, 2022

Baby and William join the Mail Whale on a swim along and deliver a package to the Postmaster General herself. When Baby and his family become reality TV stars, they lose sight of what makes them the Sharks. Guest Star: John Michael Higgins, Nina West

Fish Friends Forever/Jelly Pox

S1 E26

Mar 7, 2023

When Baby Shark and friends enter a battle of the bands, Baby's rivalry with Shadow gets heated. Baby learns that when it comes to feeling better, there's no substitute to rest, covering your sneezes, and staying home.

Baby Shark's Big Show! Season 1 Episodes - Watch on Paramount+ (2024)


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