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Learn all about what clothing every dancer needs for ballet class in this post all about ballet dance clothes!

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Ballet class. An essential, popular dance class the nearly every dancer takes at some point in their life. So of course it also comes with an entire wardrobe of its own. Whether you are taking ballet class for the very first time or are a seasoned professional you need to know what to wear to ballet class and have all of the proper ballet dance clothes. As a dancer that has taken ballet for over 18 years I’ve created this post all about the essential ballet dance clothes and ballet clothes every dancer needs to own.

You are going to learn all about ballet dance clothes, what to wear to ballet class, ballet outfits, ballet warm up clothes, where to buy ballet outfits, and more.

After reading this post you will know about all of the best clothes and outfits to wear to ballet class.

What’s in this post

What do female dancers wear to ballet class?

What do male dancers wear to ballet class?

Where to buy ballet dance clothes

What kind of warm up clothes can I wear for ballet class?

This post is all about ballet dance clothes

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Ballet Dance Clothes

Before we get started be sure to check you dance studio’s dress code and uniform for guidelines of what you can and can’t wear. Some studios are very specific about what color tights, leotards, and other ballet dance clothes you should wear.

Also this post will primarily divide ballet dance uniforms into what male dancers wear and what female dancers wear for ballet class. However, above everything else dancers should wear what makes them feel most comfortable in their own gender identity.

What do female dancers wear to ballet class?

We’ll start with what female dancers typically wear to ballet class and ballet dance clothes for girls and women. Female dancers typically wear a leotard and tights, sometimes accompanied by a skirt for ballet class.


Dance leotards are essential ballet attire, forming a key part of a dancer’s uniform. They come in various styles and colors, allowing dancers to express their personal style while meeting functional needs.

Many dance studios assign specific leotards for ballet class, ensuring a uniform appearance and upholding professionalism.

It’s crucial to follow your studio’s dress code for ballet, showing respect for guidelines and ensuring optimal performance attire.

What color leotard should I wear to ballet?

Like I said before there are lots of different colors of leotards that you can wear for ballet class. Some of the most popular leotard colors include black, blue, and pink.

If you can, choose a leotard color for ballet class that looks best on you. There are lots of blog posts and articles out there all about choosing the best colors for your features and skin tone. Just do a quick search on pinterest and you can find some great ideas.

No matter what, no dancer can go wrong in a classic black leotard. For some dance schools, this is actually the standard leotard color and uniform.

Check out some of these common leotards below

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Ballet Tights

Ballet tights are a dancer’s must-have, offering both function and style. Made from stretchy materials like nylon, spandex, or microfiber, they ensure a snug, comfy fit.

These tights come in classic colors such as pink, white, black, and nude, matching any studio’s dress code or performance needs.

Ballet tights provide gentle compression, improving circulation and reducing muscle fatigue during practices and performances.

They also shield your skin from friction and abrasions during floor work or when wearing ballet shoes.

With ballet tights, dancers achieve a uniform look, enhancing group cohesion and overall aesthetics. They accentuate leg lines, making movements appear fluid and graceful.

Tights can be worn over or under a leotard. Typically, pink or flesh toned tights will be worn under and black tights over a leotard. However, you can wear your tights in the way that makes you feel most comfortable!

The stretchy fabric allows for unrestricted movement, perfect for executing complex maneuvers.

Many studios have specific requirements for tights, ensuring a professional appearance in class and onstage.

It is important to make sure you’re equipped with the right ballet tights to support your performance and keep you looking your best.

What color tights should I wear for ballet class?

The most common color of tights for ballet class is pink. However, pink tights were originally intended to be skin or flesh tone and we now understand that is not realistic for the diversity of the dance world today. Lots of brands now create a larger variety of skin tones for dancers to choose from to find the right shade of ballet tights for them.

Pink and flesh toned ballet tights will typically be worn as footed or convertible tights inside of the ballet shoe rather than rolled up near the ankle. This is for the aesthetic line in dance.

Some dance classes, particularly college dance classes, will allow dancers to wear black tights for ballet class. Black tights are typically worn over top of a leotard and as stirrup or footless tights.

Here are some tights for female dancers that I recommend

Ballet Skirts

Ballet skirts are essential for dancers, adding both function and elegance. They come in styles like wrap skirts, pull-on skirts, and tutus, made from lightweight fabrics such as chiffon, georgette, and tulle. These materials provide a delicate, flowing look that complements your movements.

Worn in both practice and performances, ballet skirts add grace and confidence. Wrap and pull-on skirts are great for practice, while tutus are perfect for performances, adding dramatic effect and helping convey character and story.

These skirts enhance your outfit’s visual appeal and ensure comfort with their breathable materials. They make your movements look more graceful and expressive.

Many studios have specific guidelines for ballet skirts to ensure uniformity. It’s important to follow these guidelines for a cohesive and professional appearance. Overall, ballet skirts are a beautiful and practical part of any dancer’s wardrobe.

Here are some ballet skirts I recommend

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What do male dancers wear to ballet class?

Now it’s time to look at what male dancers wear for ballet class and ballet dance clothes for boys and men. For ballet class, male dancers typically wear tights, a dance belt, and a fitted shirt, tank top, or leotard.


In ballet, attire matters for male dancers too, especially when it comes to tights. Tights are essential for enhancing movement and allowing instructors to assess technique accurately. Male dancers have options like footed or footless tights, depending on personal preference. These garments maintain a professional appearance while promoting freedom of movement.

Male dancers will usually wear black or white dance tights. I know some male dancers that will actually wear two pairs of tights for additional support and layering of dance clothes.

Here are some examples of dance tights for male dancers

Dance Belt

One key accessory worn underneath tights is the dance belt. This specialized undergarment provides crucial support and protection for male dancers, ensuring comfort and modesty during strenuous movements. The dance belt is an essential addition to a male dancer’s attire, offering both physical support and peace of mind throughout their ballet class.

Here are some examples of dance belts

Tops for Male Dancers

While female dancers usually just wear leotards for their torso in ballet class, male dancers have a few options of what to wear. Male dancers can wear almost any type of fitted t-shirt, tank top, or even leotard during ballet class.

One common clothing item for male dancers is a plain, white fitted t-shirt. Many studios use this as the uniform for male dancers in ballet class.

Some male dancers will opt to wear a fitted tank top or other t-shirt for more personalization and style in their ballet dance outfits.

Finally, for male dancers there are some leotards for them to choose from. I even know one male dancer that has made some of his own and even matched his partner’s leotard in rehearsal by wearing the same leotard!

Male dancers have a lot more options for dance tops and torso coverings in ballet class than most people realize.

Check out some of our recommendations for male dancers below!

Where can I buy ballet dance clothes?

Now that you know about all of the different ballet dance clothes and what dancers wear to ballet class it’s time to learn where you can buy ballet dance clothes and clothing for ballet class.

If you are unsure about what to buy or what sizes to buy ballet clothing in a great place to start shopping for ballet clothing is your local dance store. Start by doing a simple google search like “dance stores near me” or “dance clothes near me” to find some great options.

You can usually get some great advice by going in person to a dance store and asking questions or doing some shopping.

If you are looking for ballet class outfits online there are TONS of places you start looking.

Dancewear Stores

If you are looking for your basic dancewear necessities like solid color leotards, tights, and other ballet dance clothing be sure to check out Dancewear Solutions and Discount Dance. Both online dance stores offer great options for dancers of all ages at great prices.

For a larger range of unique styles and even dance shoes I recommend checking out Bloch, Capezio, Body Wrappers, or SoDanca. These are all specific dancewear brands that create great quality dance clothing and ballet clothing for all types of dancers.

Ballet Dance Clothes: What to Wear to Ballet Class - The Charming Dancer (37)

Finally, there are a couple of incredible dancewear brands that specialize in just creating ballet clothes including leotards, ballet skirts, tights, and even clothing for male dancers.

If you are looking for unique styles of leotards and more dance clothing be sure to check out Lucky Leo, Eleve, and Jule Dancewear for some amazing options.

Check out this list of places to buy ballet dance clothes

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What kind of warm up clothes can I wear for Ballet?

There are all sorts of warm up clothes that you can wear for your ballet classes and lots of warm up ballet outfits to choose from.

There are a few warm up clothing items for dancers like dance booties and trash bag pants that are made specifically for ballet dancers to warm up and stay warm in. These are great options for dancers that want to get and stay warm after a warm up class or before a rehearsal or performance.

Lots of ballet dancers will layer up with clothing items like sweatshirts, t-shirts, leggings, sweatpants, socks or leg warmers for their ballet warm up clothing.

You probably already have a lot of different options already in your closet to create some great ballet warm up clothing for your ballet classes and rehearsals!

Before You Go

We hope you found some great ballet dance clothes and have some new and great ideas for what to wear to ballet class this year.

For more great dance class, lifestyle, and fashion tips be sure to explore more of The Charming Dancer for some great ideas!

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This post was all about what to wear to ballet class and ballet dance clothes


Ballet Dance Clothes: What to Wear to Ballet Class - The Charming Dancer (2024)


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