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Chapter Six Walkthrough[]

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After starting the boat at the end of Chapter 5, we end up at the other side of the lake, where the final stretch of our story begins to unfold.

Before we can enter the mines we will have to open the gates that are sealed. You can find various notes and tools around the houses. As you search this area you will realize your collectibles for this chapter is cards of former miners, there are 20 total.

However, exercise caution. Two feeler monsters roam this area (one in the lower part of the village, and one further up the trail near the gate to the mines). They cannot see or hear you, but periodically multiple tongues will erupt and if any touch you, then the feeler will kill you. Do not underestimate the range of the tongues.

After bashing the gates open we can enter the mines. Before you head into the mines, there is an easter egg. If you found the hidden keys in the past five chapters you can open a safe marked with a "?" mark. What's inside? Find out for yourself. Once you're ready, head onto the lift past the gate and pull the lever, you will start your descent into the mines.

The Mines[]

Once the lift hits the bottom of the chasm, our adventure continues. As you walk, you'll notice your flashlight & lanterns are fizzing out. Fear not, for it's time to pick up a gas powered lantern. In various points in the maze you will here audio tapes from one of the foremen overseeing the mining operations.

Once you're into the tunnels, you will need to watch out for the miner. He can see your lantern, and he can see yours from a distance. If he gives chase you can "line of sight" him or (sometimes) go to a dead end and turn off your light. If spotted he will yell at you and give chase, a way to tell if he's still on you is the heavy muffled breathing. He is faster then the player's sprint speed but cannot do a sudden charge like the pigman.

Your goal is to find four large cranks. There is a second checkpoint area much deeper into the maze (indicated by a white light and music), but we recommend getting there only when you feel uncomfortable with your life count. Three of the cranks are in plain sight and can just be picked up, no tricks, but the fourth one is locked away. To get it, you must solve a slide puzzle. The segment with the key symbol on it must be moved to the locked icon on the side of the puzzle to unlock the crank. Be on the lookout for cave-ins, they will block your paths without warning (similar to the vines in Chapter 2, and the bars in Chapter 4).

Once you have all the cranks you can proceed down the tunnel in the second safe zone. This new section requires precision in timing. You'll see a very long corridor, but travelling down ever so often is a minecart with tools dangling out. Getting hit by it is instant death, no chance of resurrections. You have to wait for the minecart to pass, then sprint down to another nook where you can avoid getting hit. Once you get to the end, you will meet Joan (at long last), with a puzzle involving large circular plates. Insert the cranks into their respective slots and rearrange the plates to look like a skull.


Once you finish arranging the plates, the large gate will open before you, showing an ancient Mesoamerican style temple. You'll see a large button blocking the way. It is actually a giant spider, who serves as the final monster of chapter 6. The ground will give way to a LARGE temple. You will spawn alone in one of 6 possible spots, and if you die, you will not likely be spawned in the same place. Glowsticks are crucial in this segment.

Eventually you'll find an altar in front of a giant stairway. You must place five skulls on the altar to proceed. The passageways are wide and dark, so it'll be hard to see anything. There are also two wall segments that can be rolled down with a wheel on the side. Do take note: You cannot pass through this once it's down, you will not have enough time to get through, instead you have to hold it down for someone with you or on the other side.

The giant spider is here as well. It can be on the floors, on the walls, even on top of the walls. You will hear it's feet as it's close. If it screeches, it has spotted you. You cannot outrun it, your only hope is getting to a small space in the wall where the spider cannot follow you (do not try to just run through as the spider can climb over the wall and still kill you). There are also various traps scattered around the map, such as a trapdoor to spikes, and a sharp swinging log.

Once you find the skulls and proceed up to the top of the temple. Joan is waiting and explains these terrifying occurrences and claims a blood sacrifice is needed to save the monsters. There are two possible endings here (technically 3). If you sacrifice yourself, or another player, the large door to... wherever it leads, opens. Joan reveals she's been planning this ritual (setting her up as a potential twist antagonist) for centuries and departs through the doors. But it is also possible to kill Joan and stop her from doing... whatever she was intending to do.

After the credits roll, you are not taken to asset island (the previous accomplishment for beating chapters 4 & 5 when they were the latest chapters, while the rest was in development). You are taken to a monster exhibit. Here you can examine each monster in story mode, see their animations and get one last look at them before returning to the title screen. The only way to return here is by beating chapter 6 again.

Chapter 6 Walkthrough (2024)


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