Coralscale Salamanther (2024)

Coralscale Salamanther

Family: Salamanther

Type: Achievement

Achievement: Into the Storm

Zone: Dragon Isles

Faction: Both

Recommended Level: Level 70

Skill Level: 4/10


The Coralscale Salamanther mount is obtained by completing the storm themed meta achievement, Into The Storm. This achievement is comprised of several smaller achievements for doing storm related things around the Dragon Isles. The achievements themselves are pretty easy and straightforward, however there is a degree of RNG involved in one.

Coralscale Salamanther (2)

What is the “storm”?

First things first, you may be wondering what I’m talking about when I refer to storms. Primal (also called Elemental) Storms are an event on the Dragon Isles that happen every 3 hours on the hour. Two zones in Thaldraszus, Azure Span, Waking Shores and Ohn’ahran Plains will be randomly chosen to be empowered by one of four elements. The rares/mobs in the area will gain new abilities based on the element chosen, and there will be new Primalist mobs spawning as well. They will also begin dropping Elemental Overflow, which is a very important currency I’ll touch on later. The storms last 2 hours, with an hour of no storm in between. Unlike most events, there is not really an “objective” to complete during the storms. The whole point is to kill mobs and get Elemental Overflow.

You can tell when a storm is up by looking at the zones on your map. There will be a small marker colored with the element of the storm. It should also tell you how much longer the storm is up for!

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Alternatively, if you are not currently logged in, you can check the first page of Wowhead on the “Today in WoW” section. Make sure to set your correct region and select DF (Dragonflight).

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Now, let’s go over each of the achievements.

Storm Chaser

This achievement is comprised of many smaller achievements. Essentially, you need to kill 200 storm-empowered mobs during all 4 storm types in each of the 4 Dragon Isles zones. So, for example, you’d have to kill 200 mobs in earth, water, air and fire storms in Thaldraszus for the Chasing Storms in Thaldraszus achievement.

This equals 16 possible storm combinations you need to get and a total of 3200 mobs you need to kill. I know this sounds like a intimidating amount of mobs and it does take awhile by yourself. So, I would STRONGLY recommend joining a group for this because every mob your group members kill counts toward your achievement. They don’t have to be close to you either, just in the same zone, so you can farm a little area by yourself. It makes completing the achievements super fast. It’s also super helpful if you happen to arrive at a storm close to its end because in many scenarios, you wouldn’t be able to get it done in time and would have to wait for that specific storm combo to be up again.

Also, Lava Phoenixes in the Waking Shores zone are very useful because they can count for multiple kills. Once they die, they’ll have a feather that will reincarnate them. Don’t kill the feather and let them regenerate! You can then kill the bird again for another +1 to your achievement. This is possibly farmable but I haven’t gotten to do it more than once due to other players.

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The only thing that can really be difficult about this is RNG not being on your side. It took a week and a half for me to get the last storm I needed, but this was when only one storm spawned at a time! I’d advise actively following the front page of Wowhead, as I mentioned in the section above, so you can easily check if a storm you need is up without even having to log in.

Lastly, I wanted to clarify that the mobs MUST be empowered. You can’t just kill any mob in the zone, as some do not count. The Primalists usually do not count, for example. Make sure you check mobs for a buff called Elementally Imbued. If it has the buff, it’ll count towards your achievement!

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Elemental Overload

This achievement requires you to get 5000 Elemental Overflow. It should be accumulative, so you can spend whatever you get and don’t have to hold it until you reach 5000.

You’ll most likely get enough Elemental Overflow simply by completing the “Storm Chaser” achievement mentioned above. If not, I would recommend killing rares and completing quests in the Forbidden Reach. You can always get Elemental Overflow at the Reach regardless if the storm is up or not. I would also suggest doing the main Forbidden Reach questline starting with Hidden Legacies if you haven’t. This quest should be offered to you when you go to Valdrakken, assuming you’ve completed the main 10.0 questline in the Dragon Isles.

Additionally, there are mounts you can buy with Elemental Overflow such as the Stormhide Salamanther and Noble Bruffalon.

Stormed Off

To complete this achievement, you need to kill eight out of eighteen possible rare elites that only spawn when a storm is active. Each of the rare elites can spawn in any of the four main Dragon Isles zones. It is random which will spawn, but they seem to spawn every ~30 minutes or so. Due to this, I will not be giving exact coordinates as it would be a bit repetitive.

Any rares in the area should show on your map as silver dragon portraits. You’ll usually have to go to the exact storm zone to be able to see them all, as sometimes you can’t see certain rares from across the map.

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The rare elites will only appear in zones where the storms can be. These zones are shown below. Note that my circles are much bigger than the actual storm zone is.

Coralscale Salamanther (8)
Coralscale Salamanther (9)
Coralscale Salamanther (10)
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All rare elites will be listed by which storm they can spawn in. Note that they can ONLY spawn when this storm is active.

Air (Thunderstorm)

Pipspark Thundersnap

Fire (Firestorm)

Neela Firebane
Kain Firebrand

Earth (Sandstorm)

Zurgaz Corebreaker

Water (Snowstorm)

Rouen Icewind
Iceblade Trio (Leerain, Fieraan & Maeleera)

Storming the Runway

For this achievement, you need to collect the full transmog set available from the storm. You can check your progress by first heading to the appearances tab and going to sets. Then, search up “Raging Tempest”. There’s a couple different colorations but the “Primal Storm” (blue) set is the one you’re after.

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Account-bound pieces of gear with this look have a chance to drop from rares in the storm and in the Forbidden Reach. Alternatively, every item can be purchased from Mythressa in Valdrakken.

Coralscale Salamanther (13)
Coralscale Salamanther (14)

They range from 200-500 Elemental Overflow a piece. In total, you will need 3150 Elemental Overflow to buy the entire set. Pay attention to the exact name of the cape needed as there are several and only one counts for the set.

Coralscale Salamanther (2024)


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