Office of the Registrar (2024)

There are three ways you can order a transcript of your academic record at St. John’s University:

Electronic Transcripts(PDF)

Electronic Transcripts (PDF)are now available. Delivery is within hours of the request being processed. PDF transcripts are not available for students or alumni who attended prior to 1990 (please see below).

If you need a form or document included with your transcript, please use the electronic transcript request method of delivery. You will be able to upload your fully completed documents to be sent along with your transcript.

Requestors will receive an email confirmation when the transcript is available for the recipient to download and another email when the transcript has been downloaded by the recipient.

PDF document delivery is becoming increasingly common across institutions, organizations, and agencies. However, before requesting PDF transcript delivery, please verify that the recipient will accept an electronic transcript. Additionally, it is important that you verify the correct email address for transmission of the transcript.

Official PDF transcripts are transmitted electronically to the recipient and is intended solely for use by the recipient. The official transcript has been digitally signed and therefore contains special characteristics.

The Blue Ribbon Symbol is assurance that the digital certificate is valid, the document is authentic, and the contents of the transcript have not been altered.

If the transcript does not display a valid certification and signature message an invalid digital certificate display means either the digital signature is not authentic, or the document has been altered. The digital signature can also be revoked by the transcript office if there is cause, and digital signatures can expire. A document with an invalid digital signature display should be rejected.

Lastly, one other possible message, Author Unknown, can have two possible meanings: The certificate is a self-signed certificate or has been issued by an unknown or untrusted certificate authority and therefore has not been trusted, or the revocation check could not complete. If this message is received make sure there is a proper connection to the internet. If there is a connection and the digital signature cannot be validated, reject the document.

Electronic Transcripts are $6 per copy, payable by credit card only. St. John’s University has partnered with Parchment for electronic transcript delivery.

Click here to Order eTranscript.

Any questions with electronic transcripts please call: 847-716-3005.

Anyone who attended St. John’s prior to 1990 should submit a written request for a transcript.

Via the Web in UIS

Current students may order transcripts via the web by logging into UIS. Under the Student menu click the Student Records link. From the Student Records menu, select Request Printed/Official Transcript and follow the prompts. Please take special care entering the name and address of the recipient of your transcript. These will print on the transcript exactly as you enter them.

Recent alumni who continue to have access to UIS may also order transcripts online.

Email or Mail-In Requests

Please note the following information does not apply to undergraduate or graduate students.

Law school alumni may order transcripts by filling out a request form. To do so fill out the Transcript Request Form below.

Transcript Request Form

(For Law School Alumni Only)

Transcripts are processed within3-5 business days following the receipt of the request.

Transcript Questions:
Undergraduate and Graduate students email [emailprotected]
Law School students email [emailprotected]

New York State's "Enough is Enough" Legislation

Effective October 5, 2015, New York State Legislation Article 129-B requires that, based on selected student conduct findings, all colleges and universities add notations to student transcripts. Through St. John’s University’s student conduct process, students found responsible for crimes of violence, including but not limited to, sexual violence will have the following transcript notations added:

  • Suspension Notation:Suspended after the finding of responsibility for a code of conduct violation.
  • Expulsion Notation:Expelled after the finding of responsibility for a code of conduct violation.
  • Notation if student withdraws from St John’s University while the investigation of the complaint is pending:Withdrew with conduct charges pending.

Those seeking the removal of a transcript notation for asuspensionmust submit a written appeal to the Office of the Registrar. All such appeals will be reviewed by theTranscript Appeals Committeecomprised of the Dean of Students or designee, the University Registrar or designee, and other University administrators as deemed appropriate. Suspension notations will not be removed prior to one year after the conclusion of the suspension.Expulsionnotations are permanent.

If a finding of responsibility is vacated, for any reason, any related transcript notations will be removed.

Transcript Notations:

Significantly, Article 129-B mandates that higher education institutions include notations on the transcripts of students found responsible through the institution’s conduct process for crimes of violence, including, but not limited to, sexual violence, as set forth in 20 U.S.C. 1092(f)(1)(F)(i)(I)-(VIII) of the Clery Act. Such transcript notations must state “suspended after the finding of responsibility for a code of conduct violation” or “expelled after a finding of responsibility for a code of conduct violation,” as applicable. Should the student withdraw from the higher education institution while the investigation of the complaint is pending, his or her transcript must note “withdrew with conduct charges pending.” Higher education institutions must have in place written policies regarding such transcript notations, which, at a minimum, provide an appeals process for students seeking removal of such notations in accordance with Article 129-B.

Office of the Registrar (2024)


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