Who Does Country Singer Lainey Wilson Play on ‘Yellowstone’? Meet Abby (2024)

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  • Who Does Country Singer Lainey Wilson Play on ‘Yellowstone’? Meet Abby (1)
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Warning; Spoilers forYellowstone‘s Season 5 premiere ahead.

Yellowstone is back for its highly-anticipated fifth season, and on top of a jam-packed two-hour premiere, fans got to meet several intriguing new characters. Among the fresh faces was even a familiar one!

Country singer Lainey Wilson made an appearance in Season 5, Episode 1, “One Hundred Years is Nothing,” as a new character named Abby. Just like Wilson IRL, Abby is a singer on the show, and though it remains unclear how long her character will stick around, we have a fairly good idea of what could happen if she does, thanks to her scenes in the premiere.

So who is Lainey Wilson? And who is Wilson’s Yellowstone character, Abby? We’ve got all the answers you need, including some speculation on where Wilson’s character might go in Season 5, below.

Who Does Country Singer Lainey Wilson Play on ‘Yellowstone’? Meet Abby (3)

Who Is Abby In Yellowstone‘s Season 5 Premiere?

Yellowstone‘s Season 5 premiere shows John Dutton (Kevin Costner) being sworn in as governor and throwing a great big inaugural bash back on the ranch. At this bash, we find Abby leaning against a fence, watching the bunkhouse boys be bunkhouse boys. She has her eyes set on Ryan (Ian Bohen), and as the two smile at each other, Beth (Kelly Reilly) struts over to Abby and asks, “That one yours?” referencing Ryan.

When Abby replies, “None of them are mine. I’m too smart to date a cowboy,” Beth asks why she’s looking at them before delivering a scathing burn about her outfit. “I sing later,” Abby replies. “Gotta wear something flashy onstage, something fun. Crowd likes it.”

As the two stand beside each other watching the guys play around with their lassos, Abby says, “I know cowboys. Cause they’ll always love the life more. The horse more. The job more. The rodeo more. I want to be first.”

“You do?” Beth replies, horrified. She looks at Rip sitting on a hill and says, “I prefer a man whose life is already full. That way he’s got something to share with me. You know what I mean? If I want blind adoration I’ll get me a dog. I’m gonna go sit with my cowboy now.”

When Beth leaves, Ryan walks up to Abby and she shoots him down immediately. “It ain’t gonna work,” she says before he even has the chance to open his mouth. “What ain’t gonna work?” he asks. She tells him she’s just window shopping and he asks her if she has any interest in a dance. She shoots him down again, but he says, “What if I insist?” and tosses his lasso around her body. Smooth move, dude! The two dance to , and honestly? They look cute as hell together.

Who Does Country Singer Lainey Wilson Play on ‘Yellowstone’? Meet Abby (4)

Who Is Lainey Wilson, The Country Singer Who Plays Abby inYellowstone?

Lainey Wilson is a country music star from Louisiana who made her acting debut on Yellowstone right after winning two CMA Awards for New Artist of the Year and Female Vocalist of the Year. The 30-year-old singer and songwriter has released three studio albums —Tougher (2016),Sayin’ What I’m Thinkin’ (2021), and Bell Bottom Country (2022). The latter was released on October 28, less than a month before her appearance onYellowstone.

If you want to stay up-to-date on Wilson’s music and acting announcements, you can follow her on social media, YouTube, and Spotify. She currently has 32,000 Twitter followers, 297,000 Instagram followers, 109,000 YouTube subscribers, and more than three million monthly listeners on Spotify.

Like , Wilson’s music appeared inYellowstone prior to her cameo. “I met [series co-creator and executive producer] Taylor Sheridan after he put one of my songs in the show,” Wilson toldThe New York Post. “He invited me out to Vegas to play a horse-riding competition. And we really kind of bonded over horses.”

Is Lainey Wilson’sYellowstoneCharacter Abby Sticking Around for Season 5?

While we’ll have to wait and see what’s in store for Abby (Wilson), it seems she’ll be back for more scenes in Season 5.

“I pretty much get to be myself,” Wilson told Country Now when asked about her character, Abby. “I get to wear my bell bottoms, I get to be me, I get to talk with an accent, I get to sing my songs.”

“In my mind, she’s maybe traveling through Montana, a musician, maybe finds a group of people who are really starting to dig her music and she stays for a while,” Wilson continued. So what’s in store for Abby? She’ll likely get to sing (Wilson’s original music) on the show, explore her spark with Ryan, and maybe even find a friend in Beth.

New episodes ofYellowstonepremiere Sundays at 8:00 p.m. ET on Paramount Network.


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Who Does Country Singer Lainey Wilson Play on ‘Yellowstone’? Meet Abby (2024)


Who Does Country Singer Lainey Wilson Play on ‘Yellowstone’? Meet Abby? ›

Lainey Wilson

What character was Lainey Wilson in Yellowstone? ›

In Yellowstone, Lainey Wilson portrays Abby, a musician whose character adds depth and authenticity to the series. Abby's connection with country music underscores the show's exploration of cultural themes inherent in the American West.

Who is Lainey Wilson's sister? ›

leaving the page. Lainey Wilson and her sister, Janna Wilson Sadler, are two peas in a pod. The country singer and her sibling grew up together in a small town in Louisiana with their parents, Brian and Michelle Wilson.

Are Lainey Wilson and Anne Wilson related? ›

She teams with “Wildflowers and Wild Horses” singer Lainey Wilson (no relation) on “Praying Woman.” “I loved working with her,” Anne says. “I met Lainey on Instagram in 2020. Then we met [in person] last year, and we wrote the song the same day …

Is Lainey Wilson Brian Wilson's daughter? ›

Her father is Brian Wilson, a fifth-generation farmer, and her mother is Michelle Wilson, a schoolteacher. Lainey has an older sister named Janna. Her musical and fashion styles were greatly influenced by her parents from an early age.

Was Lainey Wilson on American Idol? ›

Lainey Wilson is killing it this year. She won the Grammy for Best Country Album and the People's Choice Award for Favorite Female Country Artist. But did you know that she got rejected from “American Idol” seven times? So it was really weird when she finally made it on stage to perform at the season 21 finale.

Was Lainey Wilson on The Voice? ›

For fans of Wilson who may not watch The Voice, it might be surprising to hear that Wilson was once a contestant on the show… seven times. You read that right! Wilson auditioned for the show seven different times and was let down each time.

Is Jelly Roll Lainey Wilson's brother? ›

Jelly Rolls calls Lainey Wilson his sister, but they aren't related. During their performance of “Save Me” at the 2024 iHeartRadio Music Awards on April 1, 2024, Jelly Roll introduced fellow country singer Lainey Wilson as “my sister.”

Is Lainey Wilson her real name? ›

Lainey Denay Wilson (born May 19, 1992) is an American country music singer-songwriter. Wilson performed from an early age, before going to Nashville, Tennessee, to pursue a career as a country performer. In 2014, she released her first album, followed by a second on the Lone Chief label in 2016.

What does Lainey Wilson wear in her hair? ›

Niel Fringe feather chains, braided dreads, and halo extensions! we are all obsessed with Lainey and her hair over here!

How did Anne Wilson's brother pass away? ›

Wilson attended Veritas Christian Academy, a school that her mother helped found. Wilson became a Christian at 12 years old and her faith was reaffirmed after a family tragedy in 2017, when Wilson and her family lost her brother Jacob in a car accident. Wilson says the tragedy brought her "closer to God".

Are the Wilson sisters feuding? ›

You may have heard reports that Heart bandmates Ann Wilson and sister Nancy Wilson were feuding. Well, Ann is here to put those rumors to rest. "It's a myth," she said.

Does Lainey Wilson write all her own music? ›

As a prolific songwriter, Lainey Wilson co-writes songs for herself and other artists, including Luke Combs and Flatland Calvary. Her critically acclaimed album Bell Bottom Country, features hits that have garnered millions of streams and reached high positions on charts.

Does Lainey Wilson have tattoos? ›

Wilson said of her having her own ink, “I don't have a tattoo, but if anyone could talk me into getting one, it's probably him.”

Are Brian Wilson's children adopted? ›

He later split from Marilyn in 1979 and married Melinda Ledbetter in 1995 after dating on and off for nine years. Together, they adopted five children: Dakota Rose, Daria Rose, Delanie Rose, Dylan and Dash. In January 2024, Melinda died at 77 years old, Brian announced in an Instagram post.

How many biological children does Brian Wilson have? ›

How many biological children does Brian Wilson have? Brian Wilson has two biological children with his ex-wife, Marilyn Rutherford-Wilson.

What does Lainey Wilson do in Yellowstone? ›

Lainey made her acting debut portraying Abby in season five of "Yellowstone." Similar to her career in real life, Wilson's character is a country music singer who performs at John Dutton's inaugural celebration as the new governor of Montana.

What episode of Yellowstone was Lainey Wilson in? ›

Yellowstone (4 episodes)
  • One Hundred Years is Nothing (episode 1)
  • Tall Drink of Water (episode 3)
  • Cigarettes, Whiskey, a Meadow and You (episode 6)
  • The Dream Is Not Me (episode 7)

Who is Lainey Wilson's father? ›

In 2022, Wilson's father, Brian Wilson, experienced severe health issues including a stroke and a fungal infection that resulted in the removal of his left eye. This all occurred while she was filming her first season on Yellowstone.

Who is Ryan in Yellowstone? ›

Ian Stuart Bohen is an American actor best known for his role as Peter Hale in MTV's Teen Wolf and as Ryan in Paramount Network's drama series Yellowstone.


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