Yellowstone: Season 1, Episode 5 script (2024)

As Kayce feels the heat from tribal police, Jamie works his legal magic; Rip recruits a new cowboy; John makes a play to keep Kayce and Monica close to home.

Who do you want to see first, John?

Surprise me.

Hey, Andrea! Bring him!

This is Little Joe Cash.

Nine-year-old stallion.

He's a NHRA Futurity winner,

AQHA world champion.

He's a CRHA Challenge Futurity winner.

The only thing he ain't
won is the Kentucky Derby,

and that's 'cause
he ain't no f*cking racehorse.

How much?

Mmm... I could
get 'em bought for about five.

Five hundred seems cheap
for a Futurity winner.

Five million.

Ah, for hell's sake, Travis.

You said bring the best.

That's the best right there.

Does it say
"I just moved here from San Diego"

on my goddamn hatband?

He's got a $4,000 stud fee, okay?

He's booked for the full season,

booking up for next year.

He pays for himself in three years,

all right? And then he keeps paying you.

You want to see a cheaper horse?

You want to see a $200,000 horse?

Let me show you. Hey, Tom!

Bring him down!

That's pretty fancy.

He's got about 100,000 in earnings.

You gotta put this one on the road.

You gotta go in.
There's no guarantee with his babies,

all right? He makes nice foals, but...

What's that one Tim's on?

That's Custom-Made Gun.

That's that horse that

Kate McCutcheon's winning everything on.

Hey, Tim! Bring him down!

He's angry and mean.

You gotta have your big boy pants on
when you ride that one.

You could probably get him
bought for about a million.

Okay? He's got 200,000 in earnings.

But if you're looking
to raise Cadillac Ranch horses,

that is your stud.

Why don't we just
breed the one Kayce gave you?

No one can ride the damn thing, Jamie.

Which one do you like?

I like that five million dollar bastard

that just spun a hole in the ground,
but it ain't my money.

We can't do it.

Don't ever tell me
what I can and can't do.

Well, they gotta transfer him somewhere,

and if they haven't...

If they haven't called
you for the transfer,

then it's gotta be federal, right?

Okay, well can you reach out
to the BIA and FBI,

see if they've had any transfer requests?

Be vague, all right?
Don't use Kayce's name.

I don't want to...

I don't want to open a door
we can't close.

Hold on a second.

I checked with
the federal court in Billings.

No warrant was issued there,

and nothing from
the Park County Court either.

Walter, get back to me on this.

What do you think they got him for?

Fingers crossed it's the rez thing.


Take the chopper.

Don't waste time in a car.


Don't leave there without him, Son.

I won't.

Viggo, I'm gonna need the chopper.

Had breakfast?

Not hungry.

How 'bout you, Tate?

Or maybe just skip straight to desert?

Like, what kind of desert?

Well, there's some cookies
in there the size of pie plates.

Big cookie!

Well, they ain't small.

Go ahead.

Wouldn't say what they picked him up for.

They wouldn't tell me
at the station either.

- No arraignment date?
- Mmm-mmm.

Sounds to me like they're...

They're looking, that's all.

Don't have to look far with Kayce.

We'll get him out of this,
don't you worry.

You have my word.

And after I do,

you two need to think about
what's best for your family.

I'm not sure what you mean.

Living day to day isn't living, Monica,
it's surviving,

with no regard for tomorrow.

Boy, you weren't kidding.

Yeah, well,
you should've brought two.

Let me see that one.

Yeah, you're gonna have
to go get another one,

'cause this one's mine.

- Hey!
- Yeah.


Tomorrow's the only thing
a parent is supposed to live for.

Is there anything
that you want to tell us?

I'd like an attorney.

The rez is a little short
of attorneys, Kayce.

Besides, there's the element of trust

that I thought we had
established amongst us.

I guess I was wrong.

We found the burned bodies of two men.

Bullets in the skeletons
are a ballistic match

for the barrel I gave you.

That has to be explained, Kayce.

I found a van,

the kind that predators drive,
you know what I mean?

And I was, uh, walking up to it,
and the guy started shooting at me.

I found a girl inside the van.

What girl?

It was Danny Trudeau's daughter.

I gave her a ride home,
said we should call the police.

He didn't want the attention for her,

after what she had been through.

What did she go through?

What do you think she went through?

Danny offered to

bury the bodies,
and some of his men came out and helped.

And that was it.

That story's easy enough to check out.

Even if it's a legal killing, Kayce,
hiding the body...

I don't have a right to make a decision
that's gonna affect another man's child.

He asked me.

So who was I to say no?

Well, what's legal and what's right
isn't always the same thing.

Did he waive his right to an attorney?

He requested an attorney,
and like magic, one appears.

But I guess magic is easy
with daddy's helicopter, hmm?

Mmm-hmm. Let's go.

I think there's stuff
we should figure out before we do.

Oh, is that your legal opinion, Kayce?


Let's figure it out.

I have a ballistics report
on bullets found in skeletal remains

that match a gun in Kayce's possession.

May I see this weapon
and the warrant obtained to seize it?

I didn't need a warrant.
Ballistics were on file.


Well, I can't wait to hear the reason

why there's a ballistics report
on a privately owned firearm.

I was, uh... It's his barrel.

We traded.

Is that true, Ben?

Did you trade the barrel

of your government-issued service pistol
to a private citizen?

Is there any record of this trade?

Are there any witnesses?

Are there any witnesses
to the shooting in question?

Is there any forensic evidence
that ties my brother to the scene

other than a ballistics match
to your weapon?


Oh, you see where I'm going with this.

I heard you were good.

I'll check out Kayce's story.

And if it's true, which it seems likely,

to prosecute him
means I would have to prosecute

the father of the abducted girl.

The last thing I want to do
is punish a member of my family

for fighting being a victim.

So maybe there's a more elegant solution

for this dilemma we find ourselves in.

As long as that solution
includes Kayce coming with me, now.

Shouldn't be a problem.


- I think that we should...
- Are both of these weapons here?

I think it's time for you two
to trade barrels back.

Doesn't that seem smart?

Seems premature.

Oh, I didn't expect you to like it.

But it does solve problems for both of us.

Okay. All right. Hang on, hang on.

Hand me Kayce's.

I was gonna put this...

Forgive me if I need to ease my way
into this circle of trust.

Contact me when
there's a solution to discuss.

I'll do that.

Come on.

I need the rest of it.

Not on your life.

I assume you have the slugs
to Kayce's barrel?

I think we've been worrying
about the wrong Dutton.

Ah, lawyers don't scare me.

They should. No one knows
how to break the law better.

Can you give me a ride home?

To my house?

I just want to see my family, Jamie.

They're at the ranch.

Yeah, she swallowed
a lot of pride for you.

But don't we all?



What's your name?


Yeah, what's your first name?

That is my first name.

All right, well what's
your last name, then?

None of your f*cking business.
I don't know you.

You a cowboy, or did you suck
somebody's dick for that hat?

By the looks of your truck,
you've been sucking plenty.

Well, we're looking for a hand,
if you think you're one.

I'm cowboy enough.


Where'd you work at?


the Waggoner, Tongue River,


You're down in Texas then, huh?

Yeah. Mmm-hmm.

I was up here day-working on the Galt

when I got into this mess.

Good outfit.

Yeah, they run a pretty tight ship.


What were you in for?


Well, walk me through it.

I got to know.

Really ain't much to know.

Dude got mouthy at a bar
and swung on me, I swung back.

Hit him right between the eyes.

f*cker just went down and died.

Can't explain it.

That's some punch, Walker.

These windmills will swing.

They're done swinging,
if you come work for me.

sh*t, they're done swinging if I don't.

I ain't never going back
in that son of a bitch.

Put your sh*t in the back.

Cons gotta pay a price
to work for Yellowstone.

Yeah, so I heard.

Oh, yeah?

Well, you let me know now
if you don't want to pay it.

What else am I gonna f*cking do?

All right.

The one thing I've never understood

is how you could drink so much
and never seem to be the least bit tipsy.


Then why drink alcohol in the first place?

What else am I gonna drink, Bob?

A f*cking Fresca?

Oh, Beth.

I have missed you.

How much longer
is this sabbatical lasting?

A while, I'm afraid.

There's a lot of work
waiting for you in Salt Lake.

I can work from my computer.

You can't take over
a company on Skype, Beth.

Want to bet?

Besides, I don't need to be in Salt Lake
to kill companies, Bob.

Look where you are.

It's the Mecca of dumb money.

I'm half-surprised
I don't see trust fund babies

walking here on I-90, barefoot,
flogging themselves.

It's the greatest concentration of wealth
in the United States.

Not New York, not LA, right here.

I could throw a boomerang across that room
and I'd hit five billionaires.

If I open an office here,
would you run it?


- Welcome.
- Jenkins.

Right this way.

If I did, I know exactly
the company I'd kill first.

You know Dan Jenkins?

Yeah, we met.

Mmm. He's trying to open a version of this
on the other side of town.

It's ripe to fall.

He's not a friend, is he?

Of course he's a friend.

But this is business.

If you can kill it, kill it.

If you were 20 years younger, Bob...

You want another?

Hey, Connor, two more.

Oh, hi, Dan.

Who's this?

- I'm his wife.
- Oh.

Beth Dutton.

I run Mergers and Acquisitions
for Schwartz and Meyer.

So you work with Dan.

Oh, yeah.

We flirted with a couple of things, right?

Well, it's quite the shiner
you've got there.

He was in a car wreck.

Those airbags, they sure pack a punch.

So you guys out for
a little afternoon co*cktail?

It's the only kind.

Whole city shuts down at 9:00.

Plenty of trouble
if you know where to look.

You should give me a call sometime.

I'll help you find it.

- We could use some trouble.
- Well, I'm your girl.

Oh, my God,
I think I finally made a friend here.

- You're not leaving, are you?
- Not on your life.

I'll be right back.


Remember what I said, Dan.


- You think I'm gonna f*ck you?
- Mmm!

A deal's a deal.

Besides, I'm not f*cking you.

I'm f*cking her!

And if you have a brother,
I'm f*cking him too.

I am chopping your family tree down.

Thank you.

Send her over
when she gets back, would you?

Beth, be careful dealing with Dan.

He's a scrapper.

When I'm done with that motherf*cker, Bob,
you will have custody of his kids.

This game's dumb.

Well, that's 'cause
you're throwing at the trough.

That ain't ever gonna work.

You gotta throw it up in the air,
let gravity do the work.

Once you figure out the physics,
you're gonna get a splash every time.

What's physics?

Physics is where
you kind of figure in the distance

and the weight of the rock,

then you figure out how hard
and how high to throw it.

The farther away, the heavier the rock,
the higher you gotta throw it. Watch.

You try.

There you go!

Take a step back and try again, all right?

This time, tiny bit higher.

From here!

That's pretty far.

Little too much sauce on that one.

Yeah, I should back off the sauce.

Here, well, go talk to your mom.

You don't act like the man
from the stories I've heard.

That's the thing
about being a grandfather.

I get to do all the things

I wished I'd done with my children.

The things I regret, I get...

I get to do different.

It doesn't change the things
you did, though.

No, it doesn't.

Come here, Grandson!

It's solved.

For now or for good?

It's behind us, both things, I think.

You and trouble...

Thanks for the help.

I need a little from you.


You're not gonna mind this kind of work.

Hey, buddy.

You okay?


Now that you got him here,
we need to keep him here.

I'm not losing another child.
If he goes back, I'm gonna lose him.

I can feel it in my bones.

How about I put in a call to Mel Thompson?

Now you're thinking smart.


See you in a little bit.

Hey, Jimmy!

These cows ain't gonna doctor themselves!

Yo, Jimmy, you know you're
supposed to ride it, right?

Get on up, Jimmy!

I hate this f*cking job.

I hate this f*cking job,
I hate this f*cking job.

Jimmy, get halfway up the fence
and keep them from spilling back!

Why you walking?

Haul ass, we ain't got all day!

Oh, f*ck!

You need to see a doctor?

It's the shame that hurts
the most, you know?

But shame, it's in the mind.

You can turn that faucet off
whenever you want to.

Rough business becoming a man, ain't it?

Beats the alternative, though.

Come on, let's go to work.

Spent all morning
pricing stallions. You can buy

a damn house in town
for what they cost now.

I just gave you a stallion.

No one can ride him, Kayce.

He's smart and mean.

That's a...
That's a bad combination in a horse.

He ain't got a mean bone in his body.
You just gotta finish him.

Well, that was Lee's job.

I don't have the time.

Rip, he doesn't have the temperament.

I can pull him back down
to my place and work on him.

Why don't you work on him here?

You're a horse trainer, aren't you?

Aren't you? So train mine.

I won't work for you.

You know what?

Just take the horse back.
I don't want him.

The horse is me saying I'm sorry.

You don't have anything to be sorry for!

I should've been there sooner.

I shouldn't have been there at all.

You gotta stop looking backwards, Son.

I'll fix the horse for you.

Ain't no gift if you can't ride him,
but I won't let you pay me.

That's a good deal for everybody but you.


I really appreciate this, Mel.

Hey, you're helping me.

So where is she?

Over here.

You are not the kind of kid
that can go two days without a bath.

Bath, bath, bath!

My whole life is baths!


I'd like to introduce you to Mel Thompson.

He's the President of Montana State.

- Nice to meet you.
- Hi.

Heard a lot about you.

If you have a minute,
we'd love to have a conversation with you.

Uh, yeah, um...

You stay out here, buddy, okay?

- Go inside?
- Yeah.

- After you.
- Okay.

- I'll get that.
- Oh, thanks.

There you go. After you.

The University

is expanding its Liberal Arts program.

And Native American Studies
is an area that we've earmarked

that we feel has been
underrepresented in academia.

There's an understatement.


So as an Associate Professor,
you could work toward your doctorate

as you help us expand a department
that the University feels

is elemental in understanding ourselves
as a nation and, uh, as a people.


how about we talk about salary?

Oh, yes! Well, um...

Well, now,

as I'm sure you can imagine,
an Associate Professorship isn't exactly

a huge payday.

But it does start around 70,000
for the first year.

But once you have your doctorate,
the financial opportunities are greater.

Not that any of us got into teaching
to make money.

You're offering me a job?


Yeah, I absolutely am.

You don't understand.

When a teacher leaves
a school on a reservation,

there isn't a line of teachers
to fill my place.

There's just one less teacher.

If I leave, my kids will suffer.

And they've suffered enough already.


Could we have a minute alone?

Mel, let's get you some more coffee.

Of course.

This was your idea.

I, uh...

I weigh every decision
against one thought, Monica.

To consider other families before my own
is to fail them as a father.

Kayce's gonna end up dead or in prison.
We both know it.

At least here,
there's a chance I can prevent that,

but you're the only one
who can get him here.

I don't control Kayce
any more than he controls me.

That's what makes us work.

As far as what thoughts
I weigh against my decision,

that's none of your business.

Thank you for arranging this opportunity,
but the answer is no.

Well, how'd it go?

They're perfect for each other.

Both allergic to logic.

I don't have any leverage,
none they recognize anyway.

You gotta get me some.

What you doing?

I'm gonna see how bad
they screwed up this horse.

What you been doing?

Let's see,

I threw rocks in the horse trough.

And I almost caught a garter snake.

And you want to know how big it was?

How big?

- Wow.
- I'm not even joking.

That's a lot of snake to grab.

Stand back, buddy,
in case this horse takes off on me.

I love it here.


I wish we could live here.

We got a home, buddy.

Our home sucks.


Do you know how hard
me and your mother work for that home?

Don't you ever say that, okay?

You hear me?


I don't want to talk to you anymore!

Miss, let me get your ride.

Miss! I like your style.

Give me my keys.

I think if I let you drive right now,
I'd lose my job.

What do they say?

"Discretion is the better part of valor."

I really don't know what they say.

That's what they say.

f*ck you...


If you just made

your one phone call from jail,
you wasted it.

Send Rip to come pick me up.

Rip's busy.

Why? Where are you?

The Deerfield Club.

Well, your car's not here.

That means you drove.

It's like f*cking talking
to Sherlock Holmes.

I did drive, Jamie.

And now I am drunk.

And I can't, so you get to drive me.

You don't sound drunk to me.

Trust me.

Oh, yeah.

I'm on my way!

f*cking asshole.



Didn't buck you off?

There ain't nothing wrong with this horse.

I'm gonna wash him up and get out of here.

But Grandpa said we can stay the night.

Look, he got no sleep last night.

If we go home,
he wonders where his cousins are.

I just need to recharge
so I can have that conversation.

Tate, you're staying
in the main house with me.

You two take the trapper cabin.

Give your minds a vacation for a night.

Tate! Tate, come on.

- f*cking pathetic.
- Mmm.


- You're sad.
- You think so?


Dad asked you to help.

This is not helping.

You have no idea what I'm doing.

Yeah, I do. I know what you're doing.
You're doing what you always do.

You're making a giant cry for help!

- Help from what?
- Who the f*ck knows, Beth?

So just keep it up, keep acting like
the only 34-year-old on spring break,

and we'll all keep giving you attention.

He asked me to wreck Jenkins,
and I am wrecking him.

I'm sure you could wreck him
stone-cold sober, Jamie, huh?

I bet you suck dick
like there's a prize inside.

- Ow!
- Ha!

That make you feel good, huh?

Big man!

Yeah, actually, it was quite liberating.

I feel like I had a massage.

- f*ck you!
- Yeah.

- f*ck you!
- I'm the only one you haven't.

You know why you're so soft, Jamie?


'Cause you never lost.

You never lost anything
in your whole soft f*cking life.

Well, I lost the same mother you lost.

- And the same brother.
- You don't have them!

You didn't lose them!

There is a difference!

Okay, I can't wait to f*cking hear this.
Why don't you...

Why don't you explain
the difference to me, Beth?

Why don't you rivet me with your insight?

I'll show you the difference.

You gotta watch them die to lose them.

Well, I should be so lucky.

But you're incapable
of hurting yourself, Beth.

It's just everyone else
you don't mind beating up.

Do it.


Do it.

Do the world a f*cking favor.

You gotta watch 'em die,
or you didn't lose 'em, Jamie.

You gotta watch your mother

look you in the eye

with no love in her heart.

Not even a little!

And you get to carry that.

That's losing, Jamie.


Hey, hey, hey, hey.

If hating me
keeps you from hating yourself,

I'll be that for you, Beth.

That's what family's for.

My God, that was fun!

We should've invited her over.

No telling what kind of fun
we could've had then.

Are you out of your mind?

Our daughters are down the hall.

I can be quiet...


For the first time in two years,
I don't feel bored.

This is Melody.

Hi, Melody, Dan Jenkins.

The mountain man. How are the Rockies?

I need you.

Must have picked quite a fight.

When can you be here?

Depends. Are we talking the standard rate,
or the "Holy sh*t, drop everything" rate?

We're talking the Armageddon rate.

I'll be there by tomorrow. 9:00 a.m.

Pack a big suitcase.

I'll bring a footlocker.

Come f*ck me.

Vicky, go to sleep.


I'll go do it myself.

Oh, Lord...

You play that guitar?

No, I just like to drag
this f*cking thing around.

Why, y'all want to hear one?

Yeah, I guess you do.

Happy or sad?


I'm all choked up again

With these two hands and the rage I'm in

I think I just killed a man

I went all in,
I got stuck in a jam

That's what you get
when you're a gambling man

And every day
I seem to dig a little deeper

And then nothing gets left behind

Close my eyes
and my world starts spinning

And I realize I'm buried alive

This ain't no place for kids

But when you're raised
in a bucket of rain

You either die or you learn to swim

And every day I get a little bit deeper

And there's nothing that is left behind

I close my eyes
and my world starts spinning

And I realize I'm buried alive

That's all y'all get.

Well, if that's your happy,

don't you ever play me goddamn sad.

All right, let's go.

Let's go.

Come on with me.

Are there alligators in Montana?

Well, I haven't seen one yet.

Probably too cold.

Yeah, that's...

That's my guess.

Woah. What's inside that thing?

Something he ate.


That's so sharp.

That one doesn't even have a head.


That's a long stem.

Mmm-hmm. Those are eggs, I think.

They'll turn into babies,
and then turn into these big things

that everything's
trying to kill everything else.

Camouflaging in the rocks.

You should send her back
to Salt Lake City, Dad.


The longer she stays here,
the worse she's gonna get.

No, I need her here.

I can do whatever she does.

Beth, and God, how I love her, she can...

She can be what you won't ever be.

She can be evil.

And evil's what I need right now.

It's good to have Kayce home, isn't it?

Night, Son.

I can see the sun

I wonder how many poor farm girls
you snuck into this cabin.

I can just see you now
in your shagging shirt,

wooing some lovestruck blonde.

What is a shagging shirt?

You know, it's your fanciest shirt,
your get-the-girl shirt.

The one you never work in.

I don't know if I own a shirt
that I've never worked in.

I'm trying to remember
what I was wearing when I met you.

All I remember was
you weren't wearing it long.

You think it's selfish,
keeping Tate from a life like this?

I get so confused

That sounds like my father.

It is.

He has a life like this.
It's just simpler.

It's not simple anymore, Kayce.

I thought we were forgetting tonight.

I'm just having a conversation.

Well, I guess the conversation's over!

Guess this sh*t wasn't no rumor, huh?


No rumor.

Where does it go?

Right here.

That's a hell of a price to pay
for a job that only pays 400 a week.

It ain't about the money, Walker.

It's about trust.

Trust, huh?

That's right.

And all the boys have it?


Just us.

Just the criminals.

What if I don't?

Jim here will run you into town
and leave you there.

It's not a "have-to," Walker.

It's a choice.

And it's all yours.

Don't think of it as a brand.

Think of it as tenure.

f*ck it.

Welcome home.

Welcome to the Yellowstone.

Here I go again
Straight up out the motel

Hock my guitar out of a pawn shop jail

If I quit,
I'm just rolling the dice

Couldn't pass up the
red beans and rice singing

Oh, my, my

See them girls shake their ass
Underneath the sunrise

Oh, my my

Taste the sugar on their lips

Underneath that moonlight

Yellowstone: Season 1, Episode 5 script (2024)


What happened on season 1 episode 5 of Yellowstone? ›

After her fun with Victoria, Beth is too drunk to drive herself. She calls Jamie to have Rip come get her, but Rip is busy, so Jamie has to do it. Jamie is critical of Beth getting drunk, thinking she isn't helping the family and she should go back to Salt Lake and leave things to him.

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Via flashback, we learn that when they were kids, Beth and Rip had sex, and the Dutton sister got pregnant. She wanted an abortion, and she asked Jamie for help. The clinic he took her to only offered procedures that would sterilize her, making it so she couldn't have children.

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Injuries. He was injured several times because of his unluckiness with horses. During the first rodeo performance, his colleagues attended he was bucked off and ended up in the hospital. It turned out he had a compression fracture in his neck and two in his back.

Why can't i watch season 1 of Yellowstone? ›

Yellowstone is the Paramount Network's most-watched cable show, but you won't find it on the new Paramount+ streaming service (which will be home to all of the Yellowstone spinoff shows, including 1883 and 1923). Seasons 1, 2, 3, 4, and season 5 part 1 are all available on the Peaco*ck streaming service.

Is there anyway to watch Yellowstone for free? ›

You can watch "Yellowstone" on CBS for free if you have one of the best TV antennas. It'll bring in your local CBS station over the air.

Why does Beth hate Jamie? ›

As Beth keeps reminding viewers, she has been perpetually angry at Jamie for how Jamie inadvertently made her sterile by helping her get an abortion when they were both teenagers.

Did Kevin Costner's daughter play in Yellowstone? ›

Lily Costner is mainly a musician these days, having been featured on the soundtrack for the films "3000 Miles to Graceland" (which features Kevin Costner in a leading role) and "Collective." She can also be heard in an episode of "Yellowstone" singing "Heaven's Gate" in the Season 2 episode, "Resurrection Day." She ...

Who owns the Yellowstone ranch in real-life? ›

Glass tycoon William S. Ford purchased the location in 1914, until it was eventually sold to ranchers Shane and Abigail Libel. The Libel family has completely bought into the fame of the show, reportedly leaving the "Yellowstone Dutton Ranch" sign on full display all year long.

Is Yellowstone on Hulu? ›

Yellowstone is not available on Netflix or Hulu. Philo offers more than 60 channels including Paramount Network for $25/month, and episodes of Yellowstone will be able to watch live when they air.

How much is Paramount Plus? ›

What subscription plans are available on Paramount+?
PlanPer MonthPer Year
with SHOWTIME$11.99$119.99
Feb 28, 2024

Where can I watch Yellowstone episode 5 Part 2? ›

Watch Yellowstone Season 5, Episode 2: The Sting of Wisdom | Peaco*ck.

What happens to Kayce on Yellowstone season 1? ›

As a result, Kayce packed his bags and walked away from the Dutton Ranch (but not before John branded his son), seemingly forever. But life has a funny way of bringing people back together, and in Kayce's case, he returns to the Yellowstone after the death of his older brother Lee (Dave Annable).

What happens in Yellowstone season 1 episode 6? ›

At the ranch, Beth and Jamie confront John about his cancer. Elsewhere, Dan Jenkins meets with a contact who he believes can help him deal with John Dutton and they conspire to find someone to run for Livestock Commissioner against him but they need someone else to be the face.

What was the accident at the beginning of Yellowstone? ›

The premiere's cold open isn't explained until the season finale. The first time viewers see John Dutton (Kevin Costner), he's sporting a head wound and is the sole survivor of a collision between his horse trailer and a large tow truck (we're not counting the injured horse which Dutton puts out of its misery).

What did Jamie do in season 2 episode 5? ›

Jamie and John meet with the new AG and Jamie gets a call from the journalist. When he speaks to her after excusing himself, she says she needs to verify his statements before she talks to John. Jamie is surprised she's speaking with John and tries to rescind his permission to be quoted. He threatens to sue.


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